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Sailor's Prayer



The Chicago Maritime Festival announces a photo contest this year to build a library of pictures that can be used for future online and print promotional purposes.


▪ Pictures should reflect our goals of promoting awareness of the maritime community and helping to foster connections between the maritime community and people of all ages within the Chicago Metropolitan area.

▪ Taking of photographs should be with discretion: no flashes or positioning of a photographer that in any way interferes with the activity or performance being photographed including the sightlines of the audience.

▪ Winning photos will be selected for showing an insightful look at the spirit what the festival wishes to convey, clarity, and composition.  Content of photos should include anything that expresses the spirit of the festival --both of people and activities at the Chicago Maritime Festival and at other related festival activities such as  the Pirate Gala and monthly shanty sings.

▪ Photos should be submitted by the original photographer in .jpg or .jpeg format and of a quality to be usable for both print and online presentation.

▪ Photos from previous years and 2014 are acceptable for this first contest.

▪ All photos submitted will be kept in a library for use at the discretion of the board of the Chicago Maritime Festival.  A submission constitutes the permission of the photographer for the Chicago Maritime Festival to use the image(s) for promotional  purposes in a variety of media and situations.  The photographer retains ownership of their work.

▪ Entries must be received by midnight, March 22, 2014.

Submission and Recognition

▪ Email photos to :  Be sure to accompany each photo with an email that contains the following information:

1. date taken

2. location

3. photographer’s first and last name

4. brief description of the action

5. email contact address

6. postal address

▪ The number of entries is not limited, but each must be accompanied by the information requested above.

▪ Recognition will be given to a first, second, and third place winner and announced no later than May 1, 2014.

 For further information contact: Ellen Reeve, Volunteer Coordinator or 773-965-2268 (leave a message and you will receive a call back)